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6th July 2014


Spelunky Daily 04/07/2014 - Damage from above and bellow.

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10th June 2014


UHC Single Player (Live Highlight) - Race to the Dragon - Run 1

My first shot at a single player Ultra Hard Core goes swimmingly terrible, I edited it down from the live stream a few weeks ago and here ya go :).

//What is Ultra Hard Core?
Ultra Hard Core (also known as UHC) is a game mode where you do not regenerate health normally, and only gain hearts through golden apples or health potions.

 //Live Stream :twitch.tv/adrieltan

I used various pieces from incomptech and machinima sound

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28th February 2014


pid : Episode 8 : Boss Kills Me. A LOT. 

We fight this big balloon boss thingy. We die. A lot. Too many to count. Mostly because I am a dummy. 

// Its mostly my fault for not understanding the game mechanics at this boss battle. I don’t have anything against this game (Other than the fact that it is quite slow.)

//pid : http://www.pidgame.com/

//My website: adrieltan.tumblr.com

//Live Streams: twitch.tv/adrieltan

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27th February 2014


pid Episode 8 is rendering right now. ETA 3-4 hours. Its around 30 minutes though, so its worth it :)